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Does Skark007's "Support Common Extenders" work for you?

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Shark007 / "Support Common Extenders" (Divx Media Foundation v. Broken

Hello AVS Crew!

I'm using the newest 32 bit and 64 bit Shark007 Codec packs mainly for the LAV filters for MKV playback on my HTPC and the Divx Media Foundation splitters for MKV playback on my 360 Extender.

Can anyone confirm the ability to use the "Support common extenders" option and verify mfpmp.exe isn't running in Task Manager? (using the 360 as an Extender.) This option enables the newer DivXMFSource.dll (, 9/8/2013) for Extender playback.

I would be interested in your setup if you are able to get the newer DivX Media Foundation codec working! I can't get it working at all with the 360 Extender. It defaults to transcoding with mfpmp.exe. The degraded video quality on the 360 and high CPU usage usually gives it away.

I've tried using the "Support common extenders" options for both x86 and x64 versions. I could verify the version of DivXMFSource.dll is in use in both the x86 and x64 'Program Files' folders.

I've tried to disable Microsoft's Media Foundations in the Swap tab. I thought that might disable the mfpmp transcoder. I figured with it off, it might prioritize DivXMF, but mfpmp still transcoded. I've also tried different hardware setups with an AMD/ATI dedicated GPU HTPC and an Intel IGP setup. I've tried a fresh Windows x64 install too.

I only want to try this new codec because DivXMFSource.dll (, 12/8/2010) maps the entire MKV to "Active" RAM, making it Used/Unavailable for other programs. If the MKV is large enough, it can crash the system, writing to all available RAM including all page file.

This is in contrast to playing an MKV on the HTPC itself. Using LAV splitter maps the MKV to "Standby" rather than "Active," leaving it "Available" in 'Task Manager.' Using Haali splitter doesn't map the MKV to RAM at all, leaving the RAM "Free" in 'Task Manager.'

Some references regarding the RAM consumption with MKV playback:


Thanks for your time!
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