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Sharp 10k - pulled the trigger.

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In my efforts to make my home theater go from way over budget to ridiculously over budget. I just pulled the trigger on a Sharp 10k. Now I just need to make my house payment.

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Been there done that with the 12K :D
Welcome to the 10k club.

What scren are you going to use?



Da-Lite HCCV 106" 16x9

Mine arrived yesterday as a replacement for my over-the-hill lcd. I just had time for a quick down and dirty setup last night and I haven't gotten the ceiling mount worked out yet, but man, what an improvement.

I think you're going to be a happy man. Make sure to make that house payment since home theater requires a home.
What's the list price on a 10K?
COngrat man your goin got be blown away. I just finished an hour of demoing movies for myself and I'm in Awe. Mind you I just finished hooking it all up and using my Da-lite HP screen. What an amazing picture.

Its funny cause when I turned it off and turned on my old 70 inch big screen it looked dinky and PQ was crap in comparison.

I got mine mounted on the ceiling and dialed in over the weekend. I used both the standard settings and the tweaked setting posted in the long 10K thread on this forum. First movie was the superbit version of Fifth Element. It's funny that that is the same film I used to demo my first projector, although it wasn't the superbit edition.

I also watched Final Fantasy and the kids and I watched Shrek. Overall impression: the settings suggested were a big improvement over standard settings. Watched Kentucky play on standard cable and it was better than I've seen it before but I can tell I'll be looking at the dishnetwork HD offerings soon. Unfortunately, I won't have it in time to see the superbowl in HD, but my friends will still be blown away.

I'm a happy camper!
I bought the SuperBit version of Fifth Element for my first movie too. I've never seen it, and bought the DVD last summer just for the first viewing!

What DVD player did you hook up to it? I'm curious about peoples impressions on DVI enabled players vs. component players with this projector.

I have the Pioneer elite 47a and I viewed through the component input. When I built my theater (about 7-8 years ago) I had no idea how many wires to pull. I pulled four thinking that would be enough. Well, it wasn't. I can't fit anymore wires in with the first four, and my joists run perpendicular to the run I'd be making, so any HD cable will have to run on the ceiling itself. That won't be very wife-friendly but I haven't come up with anything else.

I also should say that I haven't really "dialed in" the projector with Avia yet. What I meant was that I got it centered and shifted and focused and tried some test settings suggested by others. I'm sure I'll have to make some other changes.

You will love the projector. You notice, contrary to what everyone says on this forum, that the high brightness setting is much better than the high contrast setting? I am in a completely dark, light controlled room and the high brightness brings more punch to the hd or dvd movies plus you still have the contrast of the dark colors.

Btw, Gary i used the settings from the lovingdvd thread too. Did you find a small hint of green anywhere on the faces or scenes from movies? Maybe it was just my eyes.

anyway, enjoy the sharp.. it's definitely one of the best in it's price range.

I tried the high brightness setting for the first time last night after your post. I thought I might go back and forth between the two depending on the circumstances. Superbowl party, for instance, would use the high brightness. Unfortunately, in addition to the inconvenience of getting a stepladder out to get up to the projector, the mount is not secure enough to stay aligned when I push the button. I decided to go back to high contrast and lock down the mount as best I could. I have total control of lighting, which is indirect, a high gain screen, and my walls are a dark finish as well. I think it will work out allright for me.

The question about a hint of green is something I'm still trying to sort out. I think the settings in lovingdvd's post look pretty good. Still, there is so much variation between sources and movies that I would go crazy trying to get the "perfect" balance. Some films have a hint of green, while others make people look sunburned. I have dish and cable (both SD) currently, and switching between the two on the same show the settings seemed like they needed adjustment. I don't want to spend ALL my time tweaking the picture. I think the best thing for me is to get the balance in the middle and just enjoy the movies. This projector is such a huge improvement over my lcd that it shouldn't be too difficult.


PS Mikebaby, has yours arrived?
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Doesn't the 10k have memory settings for different inputs?
mine arrives tomarrow!

I used some white gift wrapping paper to make a temporary screen for the Super Bowl this weekend, and I couldn't have been happier with the 10k! Although my local feeds on DirecTV have terrible compression, compared to my 36" direct view, I was on cloud nine. After the Super Bowl I watched Analyze This, and then Monsters Inc.

Man I need to finish my theater!

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