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Sharp 42 (LC-42D64U)

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Does anyone have problems with pixelization? I have a sharp 42 (LC-42D64U) and everytime there is an action seen or bright flash on the HD cable the image pixelizes. Please confirm if this is just a normal thing for an LCD TV.
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I have the same set and do not experiance the pixilation you describe... Your settings will play a large role in the resulting PQ. There is a calibration thread dedicated to Sharp LCD's. If you havent looked in there it would be a great place to gain valuble feedback on settings results and general dialouge related to owner experiances with PQ, ect.

FYI here is the D64u calibration thread.

Could be related to the cable source as well, cable providers rely on compression to get the signal to your house without eating up all the bandwidth.

Try watching a movie or game with an action scene or bright light and see if it shows up there.

if it does, try setting your sharpness to -3 and see if it persists.

if so, do as pwh1 suggested and check out the settings thread and play around with it
Its NOT normal for an LCD...it's the source signal for sure.
That is what I thought... I have my TV callibrated via the Sharp callibration thread and it looks great!!! This problem does not happen when I watch blu-rays... It is only when watching cable HD... Do you think I should have them come out and look at it??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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