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Sharp 46" Aquos 1080p, Sony XBR 46" 1080p or (ahem) consider Plasma?

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I own a Samsung 40" LCD and am fairly happy with it. It has a couple of wierd things - not sure if they'er bugs as it's my first flat panel of any kind. It leaves what looks like a ghost image when fading btw 4:3 content or from 4:3 to HD 16:9 and has some fuzzy line remnants even though it looks generally good.

I now want a larger flat panel for my main watching room and am considering a 46" LCD 1080p as a Plasma alternative. I know Plasmas have some burn-in prevention technologies, and I'm sort of still considering one, but an LCD would mean I just don't have to worry about it at all when my son and I play video games.

It seems to me that the Sony XBR and Sharp Aquous both look great. There's a Samsung with high contract ratio as well, but I read (I think on CNET) that the color accuracy was poor. I get the feeling that maybe in the lab yoiu can see the difference but in my house they'll all look fine and I should stop agonizing.

But I'm still looking for advice and thoughts. Is 1080p really worth the premium? Opinion on the Sharp, Samsung and Sony (XBR) 1080p sets? Is Sony just charging more for the name or is the XBR something special?

For $2700 I can get a 50" Pioneer Plasma vs a Sony 46" LCD, so I'm struggling.

I don't want to spend more than $2700 + tax etc.

Thanks for any advice!!
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