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I got my Sharp 52 LCD with one optical out and for now only got my Z5500 surround system. I want to use my Surround to get 5.1 when seeing ATSC channels and also off the ps3, but the Z5500 only has one optical in. I was thinking of connecting optical out from tv to optical in Z5500, then connect PS3 via HDMI to tv and let the tv pass the audio via Optical to Z5500. Audio passes fine via optical when watching ATSC, but on PS3 doesnt pass any audio to optical, not even Stereo. I know most of these tv will only pass stereo via HDMI to optical, but I cant even get Stereo. I tried different kinds of settings on PS3 and TV. None have worked.


Sony PS3 Version 2.80 [Newest]

Anyone also got any clue if these any way to get firmware updates for this tv.

Thank you
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