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hey guys i just bought a sharp 65" lcd model number lc-c6577um. Before this tv i had a 2 1/2 year old 50" vizio plasma 720p. the tv was great but just wanted a new bigger one. My first impression of the sharp was the the picture was very jittery and alot of the movements looked very different or even fake looking. I know i have alot of fine tweaking to do to make it look better and there are alot of adjustments one this tv, but doesn anyone else have this problem or know a good way to set these tv's up so it looks more real like my old vizio did? Do lcd's just look different when watching tv than plasma's. Like for example i was watching grey's anatomy on abc last night and when they were walking around in the hospital or moving around, alot of it looked fake and the way the camera actually panned was different than the way it looked with the plasma. any input would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to figure out if its the tv or setup, because if its the tv maybe ill return it and try something different. thanks for the help

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