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First of all Hi guys!

It's my first post on this forums even though I come a lot on this forum.

Ok so I have a pretty annoying problem with mi 42in Sharp Aquos Tv.

My Tv is connected to my Playstation 3 to watch blu-ray movies.

So today I rented my first blu-ray movie (Prisonbreak season 3)to see if I could notice a big difference from dvd.

There seems to always be some gray/black lines in my screen.

I took a picture to try to show you guys the problem and we can clearly see it.

Notice the gray lines in the sky around the guy's head.

That's very annoying and as for now i'm really not impressed with this HDTV even though i'm connected in HDMI and all. This problem seems to happen even when I watch Tv in hd from my cable provider and when I play games.

The image also seems to be very 'grainy' and I tought you guys could help me with some 'settings' to try to have a better HD experience.

Ps. Sorry for my english i'm canadian french

Thank you very much.
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