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SHARP Aquos 45" 45D40U price reduction

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I have seen this set drop like a rock lately. I am 99% sure its due to the impending release of the 62U panels which I also been waiting for. At just over 2k (EDIT: actually I have found it under 2k at a couple shadier sites) this set may be an amazing value for a 45" LCD. I can only find one review, at lcd buying guide but there are a couple more for the 37" at CNET and Ultimate AV. They all seem pretty favorable but each mention the cost as an issue as the 45" MSRP was $3999 and this set was released this year! Interesting enough the CNET and Ultimate AV reviews completely conflict each others in pros and cons for the 37". CNET thinks they have some of the best blacks but some color inaccuries and Ultimate AV thinks the color was dead on but the blacks could be better... strange. I am actually thinking of maybe holding off on 1080p for now and taking a shot on this set...

My question is, has anyone had any experience with either the 37 or 45? This set was made in the Kameyama I factory so is this why they are able to reduce the cost so much? There has never been a buzz about this model... why? Cost? PQ?

I saw it in a CC but it looks like you need the remote to give it a quick calibration.
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Seems to be, at that price, it is a great buy. Never pay any attention to reviews, personal opinions, etc. The newer 62u sets coming in October will have better specs (they mean little) but, I doubt, to the eye there will be much difference side by side. Each newer model generally get somewhat better but very slightly so in most cases. The 62u set..46 inches. will cost around $3000.
Thanks Richard for the level headed response. Usually everyone just says the new model will be soooo much better so just get that.

Yeah basically another 1k for the new panel... the thing is, I am never big on buying this years model even though I have fallen in love with the 46D62U's spec sheet :eek:

I just always feel you aren't getting your buck's worth. I mean think about the ones who bought the 45D40U at $3500 only 6 months ago. Really puts everything in perspective.
Anyone else have any experiences with this set?
I actually picked one of these up at Circuit City in-store the week after Labor Day. It was on sale at a price very close to $2k - $200 more than $2k. At the time I already knew about the new 62U series coming out but I could not resist the price. Obviously, I knew that I was buying basically a closeout but I also assumed that the 46" 62U would be around $1K more. Now, it appears that the 46" 62U is already being greatly discounted.

If you can, I would wait to see how the 62U performs. It's coming out in a week after all (I was hoping to still be within my 30 day Circuit City return window but it looks like the window might close just before the 62U hits the street). I would check the off axis viewing. With the 45d40u, I notice the color quality diminish well before 178 degrees (which is what Sharp advertises as the viewing range). My main seating area is roughly 8-9 feet from the tv and is your typical three seat sofa. With this arrangement, sitting anywhere on the sofa is fine - no degradation at all. But once you start moving a couple feet to the left or right beyond the sofa there is some slight degradation, which of course gets worse at more acute angles. Other than that, I'm happy with the tv at the price I paid.
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I own the costco 45" version of this set...(same set--different bezel color)

Its an awesome set--I watch it a few feet off center about 9-10 feet back and dont see any color degradation at all...I do on my SXRD but not on this. Ive seen a few people buy this set on the forum, swear it sucks and exchange it for a new one and be very happy with it.

I got a good one the first time. This is a really good TV and I dont see a ton of difference between this and my SXRD--
New models are always incrementally better at most by now. The existing stuff is too good to harp on the next model's minor improvements being important.
Thanks guys... considering 1080p isnt important to me, this may be a winner. I will wait to see the '62s though.
Anyone have a quick summary of what the major differences are between this and the 46" and 52" 62s?
Okay I will give it a shot...

D40 is KI factory made panel

D62's are KII factory made panels

D62's have a four wave light system

D40 does not have this new generation light system

Response circuitry has been re-done on the D62's to reduce the response to 4ms (with fine motion on). D40's have a system also called quickshoot and has a listed 6ms response rate.

62's are 1080p.

Cases are different

Inputs vary on the models but the 40U has two HDMI
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Biggest difference is the contrast ratio: 2,000:1 on the new D62's versus... versus... uhhh... versus... NOT 2,000:1 on the other one (LOL!) :rolleyes:
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