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Sharp Aquos - "Digital AV" mode suddenly cutting out

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Hi All -

Just wondering if any other Aquos owners have experienced their Digital AV connection cutting out. By "cutting out" I mean: I turn it on and get video output for about 3 seconds, then it just cuts out - a blank screen with the backlight still active, audio continues working fine. If I switch it over to Digital PC, I get video again (although I have to scale back the Motorola to 720p to get rid of the "not compatible" message).

I've got my Comcast (Motorola) box connected to the Sharp (LC45GD4U) on the DVI port. The Comcast box is set to output 1080i HD with 480p fallback. The set has been working beautifully (ever since the Clayface update) with the Input Select set to Digital AV mode for months.

I've tried cutting power to all the devices, starting them up in different orders, and hitting the "reset" and "system reset" switches. 1080i / 720p / 480p all work great over component (xbox 360) and hdmi (upscaling dvd player). Any other suggestions, or am I looking at more quality time with Sharp tech support?


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Hmm - another Reset, then System Reset, and everything came back. Scary moment! :)

I use cable card and have not had that problem at all with my aquos....But i would be nervous as hell if that happened
My experience with cutting out blue screen has always been the source not working properly. Had to add a 10db amplifier to boost signal on OTA. Also had a VCR that couldn't make up its mind if it was mono or stereo. I agree with previous post you need to check your sources.
try another DVI cable?
Good point. I've bought six componet cables over the last two years and two of them were bad.
I have experienced a strange problem with the COMCAST 6412 HD STB using the DVI output set to 1080I. Basically, this STB is generation 1 technology. If I leave the COMCAST STB powered on and then turn on my Sharp 45" I will always get a double side-by-side picture on the upper 2/3 of the screen. If I first power on the TV then power on the COMCAST STB then anything is OK. The generation 3 COMCAST box using the HDMI from what I heard solves this problem.
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