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Sharp Aquos for Xbox 360, or an Alternative? Suggestions?

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Hi ya'll, i have really been looking into a Sharp Aquos LCD (LC-26GD5U) for awhile now. They are going for $$$ (26 inch) at Costco now! Do you believe this would be the best bang for a gamer's buck or should i go for a CRT? The 30-KDXS955 appeals to me but i can only find it online and shipping costs an arm and leg.

Any advice from 360 gamers and their experience with their HDTV's would be much appreciated.

Ps. I have no room for DLP so mark that off the list.


mod note: no price other than MSRP, please. Thanks.
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There's always the BenQ DV3250 (32 inch) to consider. Can't discuss pricing on the forum, but that is available in that same price grouping.

What else were you going to use it for, or will it only be used for gaming? What is your seating distance?
I currently have a LC26GA5U by sharp, and it looks pretty good with my Xbox 360. Don't get me wrong though... there's not a day that goes by that I don't wish I had a CRT telly for my xbox, but due to space constraints and barracks regulations, an LCD TV was the only option that I could explore for an HDTV. The biggest problem you're going to run across is when you play something like call of duty and deal with the first british level. It' s a night time level and it bothers me somewhat. Anything that's not a nighttime level works out really well. My biggest concern is that a game like Splinter Cell: Double Agent will be nearly unplayable being that the darkness is your friend in those types of games.

I have the 32" version from Costco and I am pleased price/performance wise. You get a lot of nice inputs and for the money it does well w/ the 360. I have gone through and calibrated it and this will make a BIG difference when viewing darker material. Also, w/ any LCD it is important to have your room lighting set properly. If you game/view in complete darkness the darker material will not look as good as it does on a CRT. But then again the CRT's cannot produce the bright and colorful images seen on this LCD. So it is give and take. Motion blur is present but not bad. To be fair I've yet to see a set that doesn't have motion blur (including the XBR Sony's). So if you can get it for under a grand and the top of the line Sony's go for double... I'd say that it is a great deal. Plus I hooked mine up to a Media Center HTPC and wOW HDTV, DVD, and HD videos look amazing. When this set is feed it's native resolution it is very impressive. If you do get this set make sure to check the calibrating Sharp LCD threads as there are some color settings that someone posted for our specific line of Sharps. Once applied, I was impressed. Take care and enjoy whatever set you choose.
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Thanks so much Bisznus, Costco is a godsend. The return policy cant be beat either, so if i have any issues i will be sure to take it back. I have space issues since it is a relatively small room, but you helped me with my decision, i will definitely go for it.

Sharp is being overshadowed too much by this Samsung/Xbox 360 promos runnin. Its sickening, i dont really care for the samsungs.
I have the 32" Sony XBR, and just got the 360, there is no blurriness or ghosting on this tv when playing 360. At least with COD2 and PGR3.

Yea i'll get an XBR when it doesnt cost me a liver.
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