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Sharp AQUOS LC-32D Blue Snow

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Hopefully someone has experienced my problem. I have a Sharp AQUOS LC-32DA5U. I have had this set for a year but only started using it 2 months ago. I had to unplug the set from the wall outlet recently and when I plugged it in again I found that I have dark blue snow or ghosting in all of my images. This happens no matter what I am using as an input, cable, DVD or VHS. I have reset the unit back to factory settings and I stll have the issue. Has anyone else had this problem and can guide me as to how to deal with it?
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Having this exact same issue. I have the LC46d62u model and it was been perfect for the past year....3 months out of coverage and BAM!!! Blue snow/ghosting. Sharp has kindly refered me to a service center....what a joke. I know someones got a solution for us on here
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