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Sharp Aquos LC-37DB5U green power flashing 3 times ...

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My Sharp 37DB5U don't work .

The power green flashing 3 times ( OPC 1 time ) after 2 or 3 minutes from power up .

This mean a problem with PC board or Main unit ??? power board fault is power green flashing 2 times right ?


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Could someone please reply with any kind of solution or remedy for us.
Google may having some answers for you...

Results 1 - 10 of about 35,000 for Sharp LCD Power Light blinking. (0.38 seconds)
TV was purchased on Ebay - no warranty. Any suggestions for a fix? Will Sharp assist if this is a recognized problem?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks to RossvilleHT!!! After googling this issue, I found a situation similar to mine. I dad just purchased and installed an HDMI cable. Next day TV had this


After removing the HDMI cable connection and pressing the power and input buttons simultaneously, the thing was back up!!

Movies won't be as "SHARP" but at least I don't have to trash my 32".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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