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Sharp Aquos LC-37G4U/Reality Check/Connections

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Well I made my choice and purchased the Sharp LCD. I am a Comcast cable customer, so I had them come out, re-do all of the connections to the house inside and out. I initially had them deliver one of the new dual tuner DVR units. Much to my dismay, with component and DVI connections, my eyes determined that this unit looked like Crap. I attribute this to the fact the hard drive is always running and buffering or degrading the signal. I swiftly returned this unit for their standard Hi Def box with DVI. What a tremendous difference!! Everything is sharp clear and very 3 dimensional. I am thrilled. However, either I'm crazy or something but I feel that the component connection is more pleasing than the DVI connection. The component looks more lush and lifelike, whereas the DVI has a slight edge in sharpness but seems dry and lifeless. I have quality interconnects, etc. Programs in 4:3 are also quite palatable for me using the component connection. My question is: Am I nuts here? My brain and logic tells me the DVI has to be better, but my eyes are telling me something different.

If you have any thoughts, please advise!!


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Your bad experience with the PVR was probably due to it being setup wrong. Enter STB setup by pressing menu on the remote when the stb is off & tv is on... set TVshape = 16:9, Y/Pr/Pb = 720p, 480 override = OFF.

You're not the first to prefer Component to DVI... but what happens when only copy protected connects have full HD, and Component is down rez'd.
DVI-D is pure digital and pretty much what you see is what you get. If the source was encoded poorly it will display poorly. Component is analog and will take an extra few steps for Digital->Analog->Digital. The trade off is that component won't be as sharp as a DVI connection but the extra conversions will help soften the image and cover up any imperfections in a poor source.

I have a LC-32G4U with Comcast HD and know exactly what you mean. I have seen it mentioned by others here too. Maybe the Motorola 6400's D-A conversion adds some extra "lush" to the component output.

Play with your video settings. After turning up the sharpness and color a bit, my DVI looks much more lively.

Thanks all for the feedback and advice. Unfortunately, I did have the DVR unit set up correctly. I own Replay TV for the sole reason that I can turn the unit off so I can get a cleaner signal, which is not constantly buffering. I wouldn't get Tivo because you can't turn the unit off and have a direct signal running to the display. I know this sounds nuts, but I can honestly see the difference in the loss of picture quality when these units are running and it drives me mad!! Guess I'm just too particular.

It's funny. I have an LC26GA4U hooked via component to a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR/Set top box. The results are stunning. My cable company is CableVision in NJ though.
I thought I was crazy because everyone else says it looks the same, but I noticed a quality drop with the new Comcast DVR. Now I believe Im not crazy and do not know what to do. Which do I love more: better HD or DVR? Of course my girl friend will kill me if I switch back...

I have to laugh at your posting! When I got the Comcast DVR and hated it within minutes, my husband, who could care less about this stuff, said he didn't even wish to look at it much less offer an opinion, because he knows I will never be happy unless it's the way I like it. Smart man. So I quickly got rid of the DVR and got the regular Comcast Hi Def box and I'm happy, happy. For me the loss in signal quality and lack of sharpness far outweighed the need to record shows. Besides, I do have Replay TV in another room. I just feel the LCD should look and be the the best it can. Nice to find I'm not alone in my craziness.

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