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Sharp Aquos LC32D43U vs Panasonic TC-32LX700

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I can get a good deal on either one of these tvs. Which one is better? Either one will be used for hdtv viewing and xbox 360. Also Toshiba is another choice in a 32 inch lcd. How are there tvs?
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if you're going to be gaming, the 120Hz refresh rate of the Panasonic might be beneficial.
So as a whole and best bang for the buck. Are you suggesting Panasonic is better with that particular model?
I bought the LC32D43U from bestbuy yesterday and took it back the same day.. That is one of the worst Tv's i have ever owned..

I bought it because everybody on this forum was hyping it up big time.. I got it home and was very disapointed..

I bought three tv's yesterday and settled on the LG. I first bought the LG 32LB9D on sale at bestbuy.. I loved that tv but i felt bad for spending so much on a 32.. So i took it back and got the Sharp LC32D43U because of the hype.. I got it home and i hated it so much.. I could tell a big differnce between the LG and the sharp.. The sharp was ghosting a blocking really bad. I looked like was looking throught a screen door or something.. Even 2k7 on my 360 looked like pure crap..

I took the sharp back and got the LG 32LC7D because it is almost the same thing as the other LG i bought. But it was waay cheaper and it was on sale also.

Long story short.. The Sharp LC32D43U in my eyes was a terrible picture.. I'm no LCD expert or anything.. I just went buy how the picutre looks in my home..

I could really see the XD processor in LG working. It cuts back on ghosting and has a bright virbrant picture.
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The Panasonic TC-32LX700 is really good as for standard definition and HD.

120hz will clearly help your 360 to look better when screen is moving.

I also own the LC32D43U before for 3 weeks and I didn't like it so much. Well Sharp is not bad, but I really prefer the Panny for the PQ.

I definitely suggest you the Panny over the Sharp. The lx700 is a very good one.
I own an LC37D42U Sharp (not the 32") and think it's a great set. It needed tweaking but once calibrated looked Sharp (pun intended). I don't own a ps3 yet or an xbox but many others that do say the set is fine for game play. Basically the 42U and the 43U are the same set, which is why I'm posting. That said, I think Panasonic makes great LCDs and Plasma sets period, and I would recommend the Panny as well. If you can get them both from Costco it seems that you are in good shape, b/c if there is an issue, you can take one back no questions asked- well maybe one or two questions but nothing you can't handle. Buy the panny and see what happens- if you are not happy, take it back. I think they're both good sets, but I hear fewer complaints about the Panasonics here...Then again, I am not paying as close attention to them b/c I am a Sharp Owner right now.
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