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We got a LC42d64u about 3 weeks ago. Works fine, mostly happy with it.


Very intermittent, we have only caught it happening 3 times.

The tv is showing normally, and the power drops out. It is like it turns off then back on. Whole issue is less than 10 seconds long, and tv watching resumes normally.

Things we have plugged in:


XBox 360

Panasonic SD DVD player (was actually unplugged during the most recent incident)

RCA amplified antenae.

All of these incidents occurred during regular tv watching. It wasn't the signal dropping out, as when that happens, the tv displays a dialogue telling that the reception failed. The power actually went off then back on.

I tried looking up (Google) what might be causing this. Google helped us get past the tv arriving in Hotel Mode. But either I am not describing this right, or I can't find it.

I don't want to send the tv into the shop, because this is so intermittent.

Does anyone know the cause?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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