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I've a Sharp Aquos LE810 and I want to output audo trought tha jack aoutput without muting the TVs speakers.

I've found this in the manual:

"You can select which device is used for outputting audio.

Go to “Menu” > “Setup” > “Option” >

“Terminal setting” > “Headphone/Audio out



Headphone Output audio through headphones.

Audio out

Output audio through an A/V receiver or

surround audio controller.


This terminal is also used for headhones. Reduce the volume

before using headphones. Overwhelming sound may damage

your hearing.


If you select “Audio out” when a cable is inserted in the HDMI

2/EXT 3 AUDIO (L/R) terminal, the TV speakers are muted.

When you select “Audio out”, you can adjust the TV sound

volume with the Yl/k buttons on the TV or i+/-

buttons on the remote control unit"

I've tried both with "Audio out" and headphone options, but the result is the same: the external speakers work but the TV's are muted.

So, please... ¿how can I make work the jack speakers and the TVs speakers at the same time?

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