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Sharp is overheating - Suggestions

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I have owned a Sharp Z9000 (Japan) unit for about two years, however, the "power board" went out and I had it replace this past winter. Soon after that, it started overheating and then shutting off.

I have vacuumed the filters, and taken it in for service at "The Electronic Shop" in Dallas. The tech thought it was the "tempistat" that regulates the fan speed, but that is not the problem after he replaced the part.

I'm at a loss, and with $5,000 invested just two years ago, I am not ready to scrap this thing. It would be one thing to get $2,000 for it on Ebay and then upgrade, but to throw it in the trash would kill me.

Anybody know why it would be overheating (warning comes on and then it auto turns off)?
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just to prepare you, you're likely to receive some nasty comments about buying a projector from japan.

in any case i bought mine from there also, and had a power supply go out. From then on though, no problems.

Was "The Electronic Shop" an authorized sharp service center? When I needed my power supply replaced I found the shops nearby that were authorized to work on the U.S. Sharp 9000's, and then convinced one of them to work on mine for cash. The other one wouldn't because they said it was a liability problem.

Maybe if you go to an authorized service center the techs will be more knowledgeable.

Also try searching the archives if you haven't already - someone may have encountered this problem.
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It is an authorized service center. The power board went out after the 1 year US warranty would have expired anyway.

This overheating thing is still unresolved though.
Roger, a friend of mine also bought a 9000 from Japan and also had an overheating problem. He went to Norman's Service and it cost him $300. I believe my friend was told that there is something like a thermistor to measure heat for the overheating protection circuit and its contacts needed to be cleaned. Problem solved, and in a lot less time than sending it back to Japan.
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