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I've a SHARP 19" LCD TV with less than acceptable HDMI handshaking performance with the Motorola 6200 set top box. It takes up to three minutes to complete the handshaking process. Then it might not work at all. Switching to component or composite will usually bring up the image and sound. Then that connecting will over time collapse and back to HDMI with moderate success. This has been ongoing for several months.

A call to Verizon-FIOS has them blaming SHARP, Samsung and Sony as having HDMI mechanization problems. A call to SHARP has been fruitless but they admit to NO known HDMI issues. They suggest that I ship the unit back to them at my expense for repair under its warrantee.

I've swapped the unit with my always working Philips set with the same issues noted at that station and with the Philips STB/Mot 6200 STB.

Short of purchasing another Philips, what can be suggested?

I'm very tired of swapping the interface connections only to have them fail over time as well.

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