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Sharp LC-37D4U locks up

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Hi All,

I have just purchased a Sharp LC-37D4U LCD TV, its my first HDTV, anything remotley high tech for watching television.

I found that after a couple of days the TV fails to respond to any remote control commands for changing channel or volume AND it does not work if I press the buttons on the TV itself.

I called Sharpe and they suggested I reset the unit. This TV has TWO reset buttons, whats the world coming to if you need the equivalent of 2 CTRL ALT DEL's!

Anyway the problem cleared for a couple of days, but it keeps recurring, and only a power disconnect/reconnect or the reset buttons fixes the problem for another day or so.

The only recourse Sharp have given me, is that they take it away for repair which will take at least two weeks.

I talked to my retailer who said they will give me a refund.

Is this something of a common occurence with Sharps or high tech TVs in general. I don't know whether to go for the same brand or get better luck with a Philips or a Sony.



Merry Christmas to all.
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Here is a thread about a 32" Sharp Aquos locking up:


Go to the last page of the thread and you can see how he solved it. It may not be your issue, but it could be. He had too strong of an HD signal that was causing problems.
Thanks, I think I may have a similar problem with an antenna amplifier. So I disconnected it to see if that helps.
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