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Sharp Lc-37g4u Setting? Need Help

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I just got the sharp lc-37g4u today, and now I am trying to play around with the settings.

I have done a search, but cannot find the link for picture settings on the forum. I would appreciate any links or info concerning calibrated settings.

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Which inputs are you trying to adjust the settings for?

I have a LC37G4U also and have found that the 'best' (subjective) settings for most component/DVI sources are as follows:

Temperature level: Medium-Low

Backlight: Middle (Turn on OPC, to help set this automoatically)

Contrast: 0 (i.e. all the way to the left)

Brightness: 0 (i.e. middle of the bar)

Color: -9 or -10

Sharpness: -2 (for HD or DVD) and +2 for SD

On the Advanced page: Set Film Mode On; Black Enhance On

On the last menu -> set Quick Shoot On

Hope this helps

It would help to know which sources and on which inputs you are trying to configure.

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I have Time Warner Digital Cable connected via component video to my Anthem AVM 20 Pre-amp. This is in turn connected to my Sharp via component cables. I also have a DVD player connected with component cables. All of these are feeding into input 1 on the Sharp.

HD looks absolutely gorgeous. I purchased this from Buydig, and had free shipping and was delivered within 2 days. I live in Ohio and the unit came from New Jersey. Absolutely perfect and no pixel problems that I can see. Price was great and would buy from again. Will post pictures in a few days.

I would appreciate calibrated picture setting from forum members.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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