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Go ahead and delete. I found a display model Samsung LN-S4092D for a great price and it's 10x better.


Hey y'all,

I came across a LC-37SH20U at CC today, display model, for VERY cheap. I'm not too impressed with the SD quality so far, and DVDs through component on a Denon 1600 w/ progressive scan looked good but wasn't blowing me away. I still need to tweak it with Avia.

Specs aren't that great, but do you think the "Sharp" name and parts make up for it? It's only 800:1 contrast , 450 brightness, and I -think- 8ms response but I've also seen 12ms listed for this set.

Anyway, do you think the LC-37SH20U for a steal is even worth it? If I don't keep it I'll probably get the LG 37LC2D but it's almost $300 more after their sale AND a coupon. We mainly watch SD content (through a DirecTivo) and DVDs right now.

Any comments are appreciated, thanks! If you have this set, what settings do you use for SD or DVDs??
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