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Basically, I bought this TV, was told it needed both master/slave inverters replaced. I found both for cheap on ebay. I installed them and now the TV`s backlight flashes and will not stay on. I tested both the original and replacement inverters and found that all 40 locations of transformers between both sets now had the same failed locations. I`m thinking backlight issues at this point. I did notice a gray box in the lower left corner of the screen after replacing the inverters. So, I did some searching and found that bad or corroded contacts within the backlight assembly could cause troubles. I`m wandering do I tear down TV exposing the backlight and hoping for rework options. I would also have to do some parts swapping to restore the replacement inverters.

How likely is it the TV is suffering from backlight pin corrosion and that this issue is what put replacement inverters into exact same failure as originals?

Thanks for your insight and experience with this one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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