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This is the club-store version of the LC-60LE640U. I chose this set largely because of its IP capabilities and the control allowed through applications like Roomie Remote.

I watched this set at Costco go from $1,249 just before Christmas, to $1,149 in early January, to $1,049 last week. Finally ready to pull the trigger, I went to Costco's web site today to see it listed as "out of stock". Panicked, I drove to my nearby Costco and learned they were sold out but another store nearby had one left. I drove to buy it and was pleased to see the price check out at $999. The bonus is that Costco has tiered pricing for their Square Trade extended warranty, so the 3-year extension (five years total) that costs $99 for $1,000+ units only costs $59 for units in the $500-$999 range.

If you've been watching for a deal on this unit, start calling Costco stores tomorrow morning.


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