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Is this clouding excessive? on a white (90IRE) field, there's a very noticeable large dark semi circle of cloud at the bottom, and less noticeable semi circle cloud on top, and on the right side.

It actually looks worse in real life than in photo.

I had a 52" Sony bravia before, and there was some clouding on the sides, but not like this.

This is the costco model. It's edge lit, with the quad color.

Also, the motion handling on this thing is really terrible. If I turn off all motion handling, I get terrible blur on any kind of motion. I've tried various combination of motion smoothing and film mode, and the best I can get is soap opera effect normally, but still blurring with fast motion, like any time there's a quick camera pan, which you see used so much nowadays. Or slo mo in sports broadcast. Also judder on small movements, like someone bending down or lifting a cup. Better with 24p movies, but particularly bad with my Fios box (1080i output). I keep thinking I'm doing something wrong, b/c the motion handling is worse than a lot of cheap sub $800 LCDs.


photo26.JPG 333k .JPG file


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