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Some guidance on what this might be and how to approach sharp would be appreciated. The TV is about 1 month old.

I have inserted a schematic of how I have set up the system below.

The problem is I am getting garbled audio on the HDMI (port 1) where my satellite dish is connected. This is a random and relatively infrequent issue (about once a day). If I leave the satellite receiver on, and turn off the TV and turn it back on, the audio clears. If I have my home theater system on, the garbled sound is coming only from my TV. (I can mute the TV and the sound is good coming from my theater system, if I mute the theater system, the sound is obviously garbled).

I online chatted with Sharp and they tried to claim it was because I was using both the TV speakers and the home theater system. That doesn't seem to make sense, doesn't agree with the manual, and is not always correct (because it occasionally happens when the home theater system is off).

system setup

Thanks in advance
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