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Sharp LC-80LE642U

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Hi, Has anyone figured out if the LC-80LE642U has full array or not? I saw one thread one but it looked like no has quite got the full picture on it.

Its 2900 more or less at Sams so i figure theyve cut corners somewhere. My projector died and I am trying to find a tv to replace it with, I had an 80 inch screen and I would like to stick to something that size. But what Ive found so far is $3500 to $4000  and thats going to be a stretch. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Yes, the Sharp LC-80LE642U has the AQUOS UV2A Full Array LED panel with 120Hz refresh and 4,000,000:1 contrast. The same panel technology is used in LC-90LE657U. The UV2A stands for ultraviolet-induced multi-domain vertical alignment, which is a manufacturing method in which UV light is used for precision control of liquid crystal molecules to ensure uniform alignment in specific directions. The benefit is up to 25% better contrast (5,000,000:1) and less motion blur. Although Sharp's choice of the semi-matte finish "ate" a whooping 1,000,000:1 in contrast. Sadly, at this time Sharp is following the competition-driven and sales-backed highest possible contrast strategy. They apparently believe that large contrast number on the spec sheet makes sales. So nearly all finishes are glossy now. The LC-80LE642U is one of the last outgoing semi-matte screens.
I picked this up at Costco last week to replace my Mitsubishi DW-65732 and I'm loving it! I kept reading the picture quality wasn't too good but it looked decent in the store and I figured I'd be messing with the settings anyway to calibrate it and I think it looks great.

Can't beat the price and I got a Square Trade warranty for $89 that extends my warranty to 5 years. Fry's and Best Buy wanted $600 for 4 years for there comparable 650 model!
According to the Canada support site, the LC-80LE632U and LC-80LE650U models are discontinued. LC-80LE642U is the latest model.


The website also only lists two models LC-80UQ17U and LC-80LE642U

It appears the 642 is an updated version of the 632 whereas the 650 is a separate line with a thinner bezel.

display: X-Gen
backlight: full array
weight: 123.5 lbs (Can) / 131.2 lbs (US)
power: ? - 307 w
audio out: PCM/DD
MHL: no
dimensions: 73 5/16 x 45 3/32 x 17 3/32

display: UV2A
backlight: edge lit
weight: 124.6 lbs
power: 111 - 306 w
audio out: PCM/DD/DTS
MHL: yes
dimensions: 71 15/16 x 43 43/64 x 17 17/32

display: UV2A
backlight: full array
weight: 123.5 lbs
power: 111 - 307 w
audio out: PCM/DD/DTS
MHL: yes
dimensions: 73 5/16 x 45 3/32 x 17 3/32

BTW the 642 is also listed as a 2014 model along with the 650 in the US manual (page 12-7) located here: http://files.sharpusa.com/Downloads/ForHome/HomeEntertainment/LCDTVs/Manuals/2014_TV_OM.pdf
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In the US the 650 is the newer model. Here's the release order:

2011: LC-80LE632U
2012: LC-80LE642U
2013: LC-80LE650U
2014: LC-80UQ17U
Here's the lcd schematic

Looks like it has 6 columns of led's behind the panel.

I can't upload the entire pdf as it is too big.


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Looks like a full array of bulbs

Time to make a costco run :)


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From the Sharp website. LC-80LE650U is edge lit, LC-80LE642U is full array.

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