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Well, I'm going to take the plunge on the latest Best Buy deal (3 years no interest on purchases $999 and up), and have narrowed my choices down to the above units. Both are the same price, have similar inputs (including 2 HDMI, which I will need), and both looked very nice at the three different stores I checked (for what that's worth).

The sales guy I talked to liked the Sharp over the JVC, and I will admit that the JVC seemed to have a slight magenta cast vs the Sharp, which looked very neutral. I know these things can be adjusted, and the JVC appears to have a lot more adjustments available, but the Sharp looked ever-so-slightly better in the store (for all that matters).

That said, I'm still leaning toward the JVC, in part because I know that BB's price on the Sharp isn't great, but the JVC is exclusive to them, so there's no way to compare prices on that, so who knows?

On the forums here, the Sharp gets a number of good reviews, but also a number of issues, with a lot of people mentioning the lack of color adjustment available vs. the 37" and up. The JVC has very little in the way of reviews, but many positive mentions in "what should I buy?" threads. JVC seems to be seen as a very nice panel with little recognition, and owners seem very happy, but the lack of numbers makes it hard to be certain.

Any info/experiences greatly appreciated!


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I bought the JVC model you are looking at right before Christmas. I was planning on buying a Toshiba from HHGregg. But when we were shopping for a digital camera and saw the JVC on sale for 950 dollars at bb we jumped on it. I am very happy with it. The menu can be confusing since there are so many things in it. We have owned a JVC CRT for 4 years and have enjoyed that TV as well.

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Hey i would go with the JVC because it may have a small issue but has a lot of technology that improves picture from any source.

I will list the differences


JVC=500 cd/m2 Sharp=450 cd/m2

Viewing Angles:

JVC=178 Degree Viewing Angle Sharp=176 H / 176 V

Contrast Ratio:

JVC=800:1 Contrast Ratio Sharp:=1200:1

Reponse Time:

JVC=8ms Sharp=6ms

Here is the main part and why i think you should get the JVC.

The JVC has:

D.I.S.T. 770p (Digital Image Scaling Technology) with GENESSA Picture Processing

Digital 5-point Color Management

HD Range LCD Driver

75MHz Digital Super Detail (DSD)

Natural Cinema (3-2 Pulldown)

HD EZ Fill (Cinema Zoom and HD Panorama)

New Digital Video Noise Reduction

New MPEG Noise Reduction

NEW Smart Sensor Technology

New 3D Y/C Comb Filter with Cross Color Elimination

White Character Correction Circuitry

Digital Noise Clear Circuitry

5 Video Status Modes - Theater / Dynamic / Game / Standard / TheaterPro D6500K

Advanced Hyper Surround +

Black Level Expansion

High Contrast Icon Based On Screen Display

Interactive Plug-in Menu

XDS ID Display

XDS Auto Clock Set

10 Minute Auto Shut-off# Front Panel Lock


Channel Guard


Hyper Scan High Speed Channel Changer

Universal Remote Control

The Sharp has:

N/A because the sharp site doesnt list any extra features but just standard features and i even searched google and came up with no extra features on other sites.

The sharp may have been better looking at the store but when you change JVC settings to your wants it looks better.

I am getting the LT40x887 on tuesday which is basically the same but biggeer and newer.

After searching google for reviews people complained mostly about the channel delay times and a bad remote.

To see the reviews search sharp LC32D40U in google and goto amazon site.(near bottom on first page)

Also search the jvc and goto the amazon site. I know your gonna say theres a lot less reviews on the jvc but the last one sums everything up for you.

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I bought a Sharp LC32D40U from BB before the X'mas for a very good price ($792+TAX ) with 12% off using BB reward zone card. I returned it after a week. No matter how I tweak it I just could not get the color right and the SD programs sucked (I know... I know, blame it on Time Warner Cable).
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