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Sharp LC45GX6U: what is its most appealing feature?

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The level of interest in the new Sharp LC45GX6U begs the question of what is the most appealing feature/spec of this new LCD that intersts you?

If you have other poll items to suggest, let me know so I can edit/add to the poll
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2M pixels has me.. for comp & TV.

here are some of *my* others, not that they should be on the list:

a 45" panel that weighs 50 lbs. I can move this myself!

detachable speakers

swivel stand

media box

jpg/mpg record & playback (sucky res though)

hmmm what else?? 12 ms response, maybe?
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Thanks: I added two more fields
Hey! That feature set looks pretty good. Maybe I should buy one:D .
Full resolution HD, no questions asked + safe PC usage + media box + Mike53. :)

I like all the attributes of the Sharp mentioned in the poll. On thing that I also really like about the Sharp is its industrial design (aesthetics).

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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