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Recently bought SHARP LC52C6400U for a small sized room.. About a 1 meter away on the left side there is a Klipsch SW 350 sub, which is magnetically isolated, plus two JBL ES80 towers on both sides, about 50cm away. And what happens is TV gets two white patches (first day i turn it on for a longer time), human palm sized, kinda reminds blown up tunnel or so....

I exchanged already 2 TV's in one week (this is the third one) because i thought its a spoilage of some sort.... when i remove the sub, after some time white patches vanishes a little but not completely...andit is only on the side where the sub is.. it was exact the same spot and form of patches with other new SHARPs i exchanged couple of days ago...

I know that LCD's should not be affected by magnets but i have no more ideas... the only thing i wanna do right now is to get my money back and forget about TV in that room close to the sub, and there is no other place for that sub in the room.

Any ideas, maby you had a situation like this? Thanks.
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