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I have today a LG 60PK550 (Plasma)(cost about 1 284 EUR for about 3 years ago) that have worked well but I have now notica yellow tone over right part of the screen. Its nothing you really see on day to day use but I will probably get worse.

I have found a good deal on a Sharp LC60LE751E but I am a bit skeptical to Sharp. I have looked at it in store and it looks good, BUT the picture quality is really bad when looking on it from a sharp angle? Maybe this is a LCD phenomenon but we did not notice this on other units on the wall?

The price is set to about 1 070 EUR. I really do not feel like giving more then 1 605 EUR for a TV, else I would go for a Panasonic Viera TX-P65VT60Y that costs 2 568 EUR.

So what do you say, is Sharp LC60LE751E better then my current TV?
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