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Sharp vs Samsung? Which is better and why?

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I'm going to be buying either the new 37 inch Sharp Aquos 1080P panel or the Samsung 40 inch or 46 inch 1080P

Which panel do you think is better for movies and gaming and why?
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Well, both are great sets to be honest. I own a Sharp AQUOS and wouldnt trade it for anythng. There are many happy Samsung owners out there too and I have seen the latest models and they look damned good to me.

Bottom line? Both Sharp and Samsung, IMO, are just as good as any Sony LCD without getting ass-raped :eek: at the cash register if you know what I mean. Once you get either set home and dialed in you will find they are awesome sets and clearly two of the TOP LCD brands available. ;)

Thats my take..... :D
Which is more cost effective? other then that the only thing i could think of would be to see them in person.
The latest versions of both are terrific. I'm not sure about the model numbers for Sharp but the 92 series is the one to consider for Samsung. If you like the PQ equally then wait for one to be on sale and make the leap.
Unless it's a 2005 model, don't look at the new Sharp Aquos sized 32" or smaller. Gamers will be disappointed with the picture.
yea so if u get the 37" Sharp you should love it
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