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Sharp VT200 and Momitsu V880 problem!

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I just picked up a Momitsu v880 DVD player today, and cannot get DVI out from 880 to pj via a DVI cable, no matter what I do...Input 2 is supposed to be the DVI input on the Sharp...anyone have this combination or equipment? I am on hour 4 of monkeying around with this and am about to throw it all out the window!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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you mean dt200 right?
i suggest reading the sharp manual and see what dvi inputs it will accept and go from there
sorry..it's dt200...manual did not tell me much of anything; of course I don't even know what I am looking for...from what I can tell in the manual, it accepts dvi-i or d
still can't get it to work?
It's okay now...it was acting like momitsu dvd had its dvi port turned off...I could not get a signal out, but with enough monkeying around, finally got it to work. Did so many thing, not sure which one fixed it! Oh, well
It seems the Sharp's are somewhat digitally tuned becuase I gave Dave the RGB numbers and he said they worked well for him. Also he said the SD is less noticable with DVI. I agree.
I also set res on momitsu to 768p DVI, recommended by Casey at Extremephono, where I got it.

what resolutions will the momitsu output?

will it output 800 x 600p through dvi? would that be better for the dt 200 for a possible 1:1 pixel mapping? I am using the entire 800 x 600 panel on my dt 200 with an anamorphic lens.


Yes,momi will do custom dvi...I did have it at 800x600 in there, but did not see any difference, and I was doing it just for the 1:1 you are talking about...I may go play with it some more

so you don't see any difference with 800 x 600 vs. 1024 x 768? or does it look sharper with 1024 x 768?
don't see any difference...also, I tried 1:1 pixel mapping, and got a screen of garbage horizontal lines, with 46.9 horizontal and 75 vertical on the custom screen of my momitsu...arggh!
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