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After 10 years of fun with my XV-Z12000 it's time to upgrade. I don't remember Input Lag even being a consideration back in 2004. I use the project for both movie watching and game playing.

Today I can easily find input lag readings for all projectors but I have no frame of reference without knowing what lag I'm currently playing with.

I've searched the net and these forums and can't find any hard numbers on the XV-Z12000.

Does anyone have even a ballpark for this, now ancient, projector?

As for what I'll be upgrading too, I like DLP image, I want 3D capability and good for playing games. I have a dedicated theater room with a 100" Stewart Firehawk screen. Given the lack of availability of the XV-Z30000 and Mitsubishi projectors my choices seem limited, though I'm sure almost anything will be a pretty nice upgrade over a 10 year old projector.

Thanks in advance!
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