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Sharp XV-Z12000U not powering on.

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I just purchased a used Sharp XV-Z12000U. It came with a lamp that had about 2000hours on it and displayed change lamp. Now the projector will not power on, {Red light active for Power and Red light active for LAMP}. I installed a new lamp but same exact symptoms. The projector is getting Power because the red light is lit next to Power but the red light next to LAMP is still red. What else can I do outside of taking to Sharp? It will not do anything.
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Many projectors, yours included, shut down when the lamp counter has reached end-of-life and will not power back until the counter is reset. The procedure is in the manual on page 82.

Do you still have warranty on this unit?

Have you resolved the situation?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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