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 I've been setting up my theater room and am stumped on building a screen.  I have the Sharp XV-Z200U projector, specs are as follows: 

Brightness (Lumens) :700 ANSI
Color Light Output (Lumens) :     **
Contrast (Full On/Off) :2000:1
Variable Iris:No
Zoom:Manual, 1.20:1
Throw Dist  (feet) :  6.8 - 28.6
Image Size (inches) :
40.0 - 200.0

HDTV:720p, 1080i, 576i

Component Video:Yes
Video Inputs:Yes
Digital Input:DVI-I (HDCP)
Computer Inputs:Yes
Color Wheel Segs:6
Color Wheel Speed:5x
Native:1024x576 Pixels
Maximum:     **
Aspect Ratio:16:9 (WSVGA)
[TD]0.6" DLP (1)[/TD]
Light Source:Type:
[TD]210W SHP[/TD]

I have it Ceiling Mounted at 15' away, The screen Size is 100" give or take.  it's 87"W x 49" H


I'm Just wondering with those specs can someone steer me into the proper direction of screen color. 

I'm doing a wall screen, Skim coated And smoothed perfectly. 

Roommate Primered Today.


Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated!!  And I thank You Ahead for Your Time!!
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