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Reflexbug found this deal on Woot for $1799.99 and posted it in the Sharp XV-Z30000 3D DLP

Not sure how much these glasses go for, but if they're around $50, then it's about the same as the Groupon deal that just ended.

It does say only a 1 Year Warranty, which I thought I read the Sharp is supposed to have a 3 Year Warranty. The do try and promote a Square Trade 3 Year Warranty for $209.99, which if you read the fine print, starts on the day of purchase.


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I was also curious about the warranty and e-mailed Sharp. Their reply was that it is a 1 year warranty:

If your Unit was purchased brand new, the warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase. If the product is refurbished, it will only bare a 30 day warranty on parts and labor. Please note that any cosmetic damage. This includes but is not limited to any damage caused in the shipment of the product to your home. You can find the specifics of the warranty for your Sharp Projector in the owners manual of your unit. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you.

Tad N

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Sure would be nice to know who is right before ordering.
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