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Price reduced

I have a Sharp XVZ-20000 for sale in excellent condition. On this board, this unit really need no introduction. It serves up one of the best images I have seen in my home theater. The only projectors that I have had that threw a better image were the Samsung A900B and the Sony VW 1000 4k unit. This is a top notch single chip DLP unit. I will package in the original box .The unit has about 294 hrs on the current bulb.

*I have included pictures for reference. Unfortunately, these are I-phone quality only. This unit is excellent. I really would keep it if at all possible.

* Also the grid photo is in the bottom left corner. The center is actually even sharper.

*This unit has been updated with the latest 24p firmware.

*This is a steal for a unit of this quality.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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