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The May issue of Home Theater Magazine has a review of the Sharp XV-Z10000 DLP projector. It is reviewed by Kevin Miller.

Looks like yet another great review for the Sharp.

Miller said the white field uniformity was superb. Colors were pretty good out of the box, with a slight plus green. There was very little color shift on a full-white field.

He found this unit to have significantly more picture snap than the 9000 did, due to the better contrast. However, he did think the spec of CR of 2600:1 was exaggerated.

Watching DVD's on the Sharp was an "eye popping experience". The pj had super-rich color saturation and natural, accurate skin tones.

He did note some visible noise, which was controlled with some reduction in the contrast level.

HD from the Dish Network feed looked spectacular, showing an excellent contrast ratio. However, HD movies showed a fair amount of low-level noise in very dark scenes.

Black levels still are not up to CRT levels, but there is a definite step up from the 9000, and its the best he has seen from DLP's rivals: D-ILA or LCoS.

He found the overall level of performance to be so close to a good 7 inch CRT projector that he wonders why anyone would ever bother with a 7 inch CRT projector again (but an 8 or 9 inch will still go beyond the 10000's performance, but would also cost three or four times more).

He considers this the best bang for the buck in high end front projection today.
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