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Sharp Z9000 throw distance

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I would appreciate confirmation that the following calculation of maximum throw distance for a 16:9 110" diagonal screen for the Z9000 is accurate:

From the Sharp manual:

throw distance = (.05510D-.04593) x 3.28 [where D is the

screen size (diag.)]

Plugging in:

throw distance = (.05510x110-.04593) x 3.28

= (6.061-.04593) x 3.28

= 6.01507 x 3.28

=19.729 feet (19 feet 8 inches)

The manual also indicates that "there is an error of +or- 3% in the above." Therefore the range for maximum throw distance should be:

19.13 - 20.32 feet.

Confirmation of the above would be appreciated.
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Use my Screen Dimension Calculator for confirmation.

Your link does not work (Netscape 4.72). I get


Try right-clicking and choosing "Save Target As...". Save it to your hard disk and open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. (IE does all of this for you automatically.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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