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Shelving for gear with TV up in corner?

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I've got a 42" TV (resurrected LG42) on an AV-Express mount, positioned in a corner of a room used for exercise. It's mounted with the screen about 6' off the ground. This works well enough but I'm puzzled as to what I'm going to do about mounting the AV gear. There's 21" room above it for the equipment (and obviously room below).

The gear here will be a Tivo DVR, Xbox One and a Denon E300 AVR. There will be speakers elsewhere in the ceiling.

The Xbox presents the issue of needing to be close due to the lack of extensions for the Kinect cabling. That and swapping discs would be a little tedious if it were in the nearby closet. So I'm inclined to go with putting it all on shelving above the TV.

Here's a picture of the TV in it's display position:

This is the TV extended to show the mount:

The blue tape there marks where the studs are located (4" and 20" off the left wall).

I'm fine with the fact that the gear won't be 'aligned' with the screen.

Given the likelihood of needing to reboot or otherwise 'moved' the Xbox, along with needing access to it's front disc drive, I'm inclined to want to put it by itself on a single shelf, just above the top edge of the screen. I'd be fine with the AVR and Tivo being on a 2nd shelf together.

To add another wrinkle I may also include a small UPS, if just to avoid device rebooting when the power drops before the generator kicks in. There's room enough behind the screen to put something like that on the wall.

I'm willing to shell out some money to get something reasonably decent looking. But I'm also interested in it not be a royal pain in the ass to set up the cabling.

So my question here is what mount should I consider for the gear?
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