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Trying to configure this, a few problems I'm running into

1) Subwoofer calibration output does work but it doesn't seem to be "right", it's pulsing and dB meter doesn't pick up much, but if I play a movie the whole house is shaking, and subwoofer is working in music fine (in fact had to knock sub calibration channel level severl dB down) Tried the Disney THX tone and that doesn't seem to output much either. I've found the calibration tone from my Lexicon to be spot on, dB meter picks it up and fine in movies. I have Avia and DVE, do these sub test tones output correctly, or is it like the THX disney where I get little output? I assume it has to be connected to sub1

2) 7.1 output and speaker settings. It has several "surround" pre-outs, and speaker settings in the menus, I don't know which ones to use. Dipoles on the side walls, with standmount monopole behind say at 4:30 and 7:30

Left/Right Surround

Left/Right Back Surround

Left/Right Side Axis


3) Distance setting, I assume it's in feet & inches, but the maximum distance allowed is 6'. That surely can't be right?
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