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Hey, I didnt know which forum to turn to, but this one seemed most apropriate since I am dealing with a rear projection tv.

My friends wants to sell his kp-57ws520. I would gladly take this tv off his hands. This leads me to my questions. Is it reasonable to upgrade to this TV from my 36xbr450 wega? Moving the 36" wega to my bedroom. Is this a good set? Taking into consideration that he is willing to let me have the set for $300 and says its in perfect condition.

Next question, and in my eyes a big problem is that Im in NYC and the tv is in Iowa. Is there an inexpensive carrier that can do that for me for a reasonable price? I would also need them to package the set. :(
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Probably not.

If the set were in the original packaging and ready to pick up and deliver, you might bet a shipper to do it for a reasonable amount. To arrange for in-home pickup, packaging and curbside delivery in NYC would cost more than you can buy a 57" RPTV for nowadays.

You can get a 57" CRT RPTV for not much more (maybe even less) than the $300 + shipping you're already willing to spend--and get a new set witha warranty and everything.

Even if you could have it shipped for an acceptable fee, if it's damaged in shipping you're completely SOL.

Your buddy in Iowa shouldn't have any trouble getting his $300 for it in the local paper.
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RPTV's are that cheap now? The thing is I wasnt really planning on upgrading anytime soon, but he needs to get rid of it asap. :/

I've found a few movers who will do it, but all of them are asking $450 on average. :(
$450+$300 would definitely be cheaper than any new 57" CRT RPTV. Does that include packing, etc.? Curbside or in-home at your end in NYC?

Plus, there's still the possibility of damage in transit. Can you buy insurance for the $750 you'd be out if the thing's DOA when you finally get it?
It's $450 from movers who will come in, make custom packaging and ship it from door to door.

I can insure it, the total comes out to $530 for shipping with insurance.
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