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well heres a wierd one for all of you .I have two earthquake minime's I was useing them on my rear channel in line to the in wall speakers , they were hooked up high level in and out, heres the wierd part , and dont ask how i finally figured it out but they are both putting out voltage over the speaker line level , enough to shock you at the amp that i was running them off of , now remember i was running them high level so out of my 5 channel amp to the sub to the in walls, and yes i was getting shocked when hooking up my spare amp, the 5 channel amp wasent even plugged in, only the speaker leads from the subs ,

so with further invistigation there is between 12 and 20 volts not only at the speaker in and out but the whole amp plate on the side of the subs are energized with voltage,

yes i have talked to earthquake they basicly think im lying ,that there is no way ,its there best seller , i really want to know if im the only one that has ever experienced this,

i am returning them to have them look at ,which i expect them to tell me theres nothing wrong ,so im documenting everthing with vid and pics of me hooking up a volt meter and grounding it and showing the voltage, anyway sorry to babble ,

happy reading ,feel free to ask away, i want answers
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