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SHOHD: Talented Mr. Ripley - low PQ (Frank?)

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ShowtimeHD was just showing

"The Talented Mr. Ripley" and it looked

a bit like an HBOHD 16:9 conversion.

It was definately full-frame (16:9)

even thought Showtime listed it as

"OAR" 1080i.

Does anyone know about the conversion on

this? Was it Super35 done with "Open Matte"

or could this be a sign ("please no!")

that Showtime is doing "pan/zoom" reduced

res features?

It seemed to lack the "crisp" picture I am used

to on other SHOHD OAR presentations.

Frank: Have you seen it?
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"Mr. Ripley" it's a 1.85 movie, so Showtime IS showing it OAR.
Thanks for clearing that up, vruiz...

I guess my eyes are saying that the PQ is a

tad soft because the MPEG2 encoder has to

use its datarate to encode the full 1920x1080

rather than (something like) ~1920x900 on

some of the movies which are "more widescreen".

Maybe the film-stock or the print is just

a tad on the fuzzy side to start with.
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I have the DVD and watched the Showtime version some time ago. I was underwhelmed by the image quality.

Too bad really because the Italian scenery could have looked fantastic. (Visions of Italy come to mind)

I thought the picture quality was pretty good. The dvd isnt that stunning as far as PQ goes so this is a definate improvement.
I dit not watch it this time but I recorded it when it was on a few months ago and the PQ was absolutely stunning, one of the best transfers ever.

PQ was absolutely stunning, one of the best transfers ever.
That's interesting. It looks exactly the same when I display it in 480P mode via my AccessDTV card. :)

I have come up with two terms in describing HD movies that are less than "HD video quality," soft and grainy.

Soft is a definite no-no, grainy is acceptable for a film transfer, meaning there is no intentional image down grade.

Mr. Ripley was grainy, unlike some HBO pan and scans, soft. As a matter of fact, both 2.35:1 OARs shown on SHOHD and HBOHD, though all good HD transfers, also exhibit grainy effect in various scenes, but not objectionable.
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