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Shooting Sports with Canon HF10 - 24P?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie so please don't smash me down. I could use some last minute shooting advice now that my Canon HF10 has arrived.

I would like to make a sort of HD (FXP+ mode) documentary for my family about a sporting event I will be participating in, so I was hoping to film all the dialogue and before/after stuff in 24P (i.e filming a day or two before as a build-up), but what about the event itself? Should I default to the sport mode of the Canon? A friend will be filming the fast paced action, but he is a novice, so manual control other than zooming is probably out of the question.

Can I film in 24P with Sport mode activated? Should I skip 24P mode for the before/after stuff? How do people generally find it? I haven't used a Canon before, only Sony.

Is there a dramatic difference on a Blu-ray disc when the footage changes from 24P to Sport Mode? A seamless look isn't necessary but would be nice.

Any advice from people who own the camera or have used it extensively is appreciated. Please consider what it is being used to film.

Thanks for info.
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