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I'd welcome some advice on which DVD player to buy (in North America):

What I'd like:

1. Under $300 - the closer to $200, the better

2. Playback region 1 & 2 either ootb, remote "magic" or

inexpensive upgrade. (I have multistandard TV, so I'd PREFER

PAL playback on PAL.)

3. Relatively easy to buy in the US.

4. CDR compatible.

What would be nice:

1. SCART output (I have European TVs - no YCrCb input, do have S-Video though). Do the US Philips models have this or not?

Philips awful website is contradictory.

2. Progressive scan nice for future proofing, but not essential - if I'm buying

a PS TV/Projector, what's another coupla hundred for a PS DVD player ?

3. JVC brand a tie-breaker, since I have a JVC receiver & the syncro stuff is nice.

4. Macrovision defeat - through some means.

What I don't want/need

1. Multidisk

2. standards conversion

3. onboard audio decoding - receiver has dolby & DTS.

If you're recommending a less well known brand, Chinese import for instance, could you compare it's picture quality with a more well known model ?

Skyworth 1050 looks like a good buy, but is there anyway to get it in the US w/o paying $80 shipping ?

Thanks People !

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