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Short depth DVD drive?

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Problem: the horizontal desktop case i'm looking at here has a full ATX motherboard in it which means there's only 6 1/8" between the front of the case and the edge of the motherboard. i'm looking to add a 3-in-2 hot swap bay for raid 5, which means the DVD burner in there has to move to the bottom, since the hot-swap bay will assuredly stick out in the back past the edge of the motherboard.

Solution: is there a DVD burner out there that's about 6" deep? this pioneer drive i'm looking at is well past that, probably about 7 inches. black of course
. sata or ide doesn't matter but sata would be nice for smaller cables. anyone else been in the same boat and found a drive that'll fit?
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Start looking through the specs of the various SATA drives - 6" is pushing it - the DVD itself is about 5", then add the tray, front bezel and space for power/sata cable in the rear and it's gonna be tough to fit all that into 6".
yeah, i'm seeing a Sony that's a hair under 6.5, and that's about the shortest i can find from online specs.

guess it's time to mock up one of my old drives in that slot to see how much can squeeze past the edge of the mobo without running into the caps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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