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I recently purchased my first projector (Sony VPL-BW120S) for what I thought was good price ($380). I needed a short throw projector because the room I wanted to use it in was only 12 feet in length. The projector is 720p which I thought was OK because we had seen a friend's Epson ex7210 (non-ShortThrow) which is also WXGA 720p and it looked great.

Movies look great but I find the display from my XBoxOne is a bit blurry. Because my projector is only 720p I had to change the output from my XBoxOne to 720p instead of 1080p. I find text and details a bit blurry while gaming. Here are me questions ...

1. Is this blurriness expected when using 720p instead of 1080p?
2. Could this be related to being a short throw projector?
3. My friend's Epson ex7210 does not seem to have this blurriness when using the XBoxOne. The projectors are the same resolution (1280 x 800) and both use LCD. Why such a clarity difference between two similar projectors?

Thank you for any advice!
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