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Shots HT1000 & High Power

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Here's a few screen shots of the HT1000 on a Dalite High Power screen. Enjoy, and call AVS for a super price on both items. ;)



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Those look great Tom.

I just recently got my Model C 45x80 HP 'plasmatron' :) screen. Really am impressed with it...much better than the HCMW hotspotting wave machine it replaced.

HP & HT1000 = Good match

I'm real happy with my new screen. And these shots are down resed from 1984X1488 to 640X480. You should see them in full res or forget that, the H1000 & HP in person.

Look at the nice detail in blacks on the Steve Tyler's daughter shot (elf). The HT is one beautiful projector. Not to mention the babe!
I think I would like the HT1000 but with the throw distance I would have to use a table. The offset is where the problem comes in. When you table mount this projector at the 12 to 14 ft range isn't there like about an 18" offset on a 4x3 screen? This would only work for me with the projector on the floor. Right now I have a 92"wide 4x3 screen.

Your screen shots are really nice.
I have your same screen size. My screen viewing area starts at 8" from the ceiling. The projectors lens center is just 6" down from the ceiling. With a very slight tilt up and using 3D reform I get a perfectly square and centered picture. They do say in the manual the lens s/b 12" from the start of the viewing are, but you can get around this.
Doesn't the 3D reform rescale your picture? If Dwin doesn't hurry up I may buy an HT1000 now and wait for SXRD. Even though I haven't seen an HT I've read enough here to feel comfortable buying one before seeing. The offset was my main concern with the HT1000.
It has no ill effects to be seen. It's a great way to square up the screen, works better than the keystone. Plus with the stats I mentioned in my setup there really isn't much fixing to do. Just a couple of slight adjustments.

Also these new shots are all with a $100 JVC XV-S500 progressive player set to interlaced.

In the PJ's Picture settings I'm using -

user 1 in Movie

gamma - Natural

color temp - 6500K

Picture settings -

Sweetvision - low

Black expansion 3

Contrast ** minus 2
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hi Tom

what angle of vision do you get ?

have you notice any reduction in the nr of possible seating positions due to the 2.8 gain or is it negligeable ?

no hotspotting (though digital pjs fare much better than crt here) ?

any effects on the black level ? I imagine you can now reduce the brighthness on the PJ and improve the black level even more.


nice shots, you can feel the gain in contrast and punch, indeed.
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My god!!! Do that look awesome. Say goodbye to my lt150. Just one question. Is your projector ceiling mounted??
The screen just about fills the wall so it's hard to get a distant angle when veiwing. You know I ran Avia and could maybe back off the Bright two clicks, when I set the Hue with avia I didn't like the added red so I just set the basic perameters to factory. No use messing with it when it's perfect!

Oh yeah the black expansion feature darkens up the image nicely.
Those of you who are using your HT1000 with a high power screen could you please comment on the effect that it has on black level and the visibility of screen wrinkles. Are you looking on the screen axis?

I am using a matte white screen and I am not happy with the waves in the screen.
How bad did this exacerbate the rainbow issue with this pj?

Don't know if I got lucky or what, but my Model C is free of waves completely. I have had the screen going on two weeks and it's retracted every day. It's not the CSR model.

I really have not seen any apparent degradation of blacks and am pleased as a pickle at the 'punchiness' of colors. My HT1000 is ceiling mounted so I'm obviously not taking full advantage of the gain, but compared to my old HCMW it's been quite a satisfactory experience so far.

Kevin, the projector is ceiling mounted.


Blacks are still very black with the HP screen. Wrinkles are absolutely gone. You will not see a shadow wave when an image is projected.

No change in the rainbows with the HP. I'm not affected and hardly ever see them.
From another HT1000/Hi-Power owner:

It is an 87" diagonal 16x9 plasma TV.

Hi-Power did enhance rainbows with lamps off.

It did however allow lamps on which reduced the rainbows.

Net: more but manageable rainbows.

Daylight viewing with miniblinds closed curtains partially drawn.

No wrinkles, stretched and stapled onto wall, moulded in.

Keystone on 2 works great, PJ tilted down on 3' table at 12' from screen.

My search began at PJCentral, ended here and I have praise and thanks to Evan Powell, Tom, Darin, JMike, Wildfire, Jimmy, Tryg, and so many others who took the time to educate and respond.

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P.S. Does anybody have a digital camera recommendation 3-4 MPixel, compact but quality optics, compactflash?

Is this a dalite 'High Contrast' screen? I can't find a HP on their website...


guitarman is that a manual pulldown? If so which model?
Mark, the Canon G3 is very nice. Takes compact flash type 2.
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