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Ran a YPAO setup on my new Yamaha 673 and when finished I used a sound pressure meter to check how accurate calibration was.In my 7.0 system all speakers were very close except the back surrounds which were lower by a few levels.Should I raise them up to be at same level as other speakers based on sound pressure calibration or has Yamaha set them lower in its YPAO calibration for a reason?

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Volume levels of surrounds including L/R rear and L/R sides depends upon U..

My preference is to have these set slightly lower than the L/R fronts & center..

Depends upon source material; movies often have little surround information execpt during high action and/or fly-overs..

Muisc can vary depending upon the audio mix..

Here U need to try various settings that suit U.

First run the AVR's auto EQ, than write down the values so U can go back to them if preferred..

Just my $0.05.... 馃憤馃槈
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